Safety Xpress

Safety Xpress

Safety Xpress is Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality safety products. They run an e-commerce store along with two huge retail stores in Melbourne and Gold Coast. Despite a huge product range, they were struggling to get more phone calls and online leads. We came onboard and took sole responsibility to transform their online presence. We not only increased their e-commerce sales by more than 1300% but also established them as an authority for safety products in Australia.


Safety products in Australia is a fast-growing industry and Safety Xpress isn’t the only player in this niche market. They were very clear about what they wanted. They wanted to increase sales from their e-commerce store and flood the market with their brand name and authority.

We not only delivered on this challenge – but exceeded all the targets.

Numbers speak louder than words. So, here it is. Safety Xpress started ranking on FIRST POSITION (not just first page) for most of their product searches.

They got a whopping 1300% increase in online sales and a 700% increase in website traffic! Both our SEO and Google AdWords campaigns managed to achieve in excess of targets. We even created a brand-new website for them and suggested other areas to improve rankings that they never contemplated like content marketing and social media.

Today, their content is considered authoritative and trusted by a huge amount of readers who are definitely their potential customers.

Solution: What We Did?

We worked as a strategic partner and not as an outsourced agency. In Ben Hosie’s words, owner of Safety Xpress, “eMarket Experts is our secret weapon!”From SEO to AdWords, Google Shopping, Website Design, Social Media, Content Marketing, and even Email Marketing – we handle and manage everything for Safety Xpress.We give them an unrivalled competitive advantage with our expertise and services. We understood their digital capabilities and tapped in very specific groups which none of their competitors was doing. With our user-friendly website design- we managed to enhance the user experience and conversion ratio. Our powerful SEO and paid campaigns populated the market – and captured leads from all directions. We also run monthly offers on their behalf to keep the excitement going.

Safety Xpress


First Position For Top Keywords; 1300% Increase In Sales; 700% Increase In Organic Traffic

  1. Today, Safety Xpress stands as an authority in their industry with all main keywords on the first position of Google.
  2. Their online sales have gone up by 1300% and organic traffic by 700%.
  3. They have one of the best e-commerce conversion rates in the industry with 1200% growth.
  4. Their unique visitors have seen a growth of 1400% with a 265% increase in impressions.
  5. People trust them as a brand and as an industry-authority for their quality and helpful content.
Safety Xpress
Safety Xpress



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