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About Safety Xpress

Safety Xpress is Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality safety equipment. They run an online store with Australia-wide delivery along with two huge retail stores in Melbourne and Gold Coast. They offer a huge range of world-class safety products and specialise in bollards, wheel stops, and speed humps.

About Safety Express
The Challenge
The Challenge

The key task and challenge for Safety Xpress was to increasetheir online sales. Despite a huge product range, they were struggling to get more phone calls, and online leads. We were asked to increase their sales through digital channels and establish them as an authority for safety products in Australia.

What We Did
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Shopping Management
  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
What We Did

Safety Xpress

Both the SEO and Google Advertising managed by eMarket experts has achieved in excess of our targets. We have consistently increased our sales each quarter. They created our new website and suggested other areas to improve our rankings that we had not contemplated.


Our digital marketing campaigns and tactics made Safety Xpress a huge success as they started ranking on number 1 position for most of their products. They saw a whopping 1300% increase in online sales and 700% increase in website traffic!

Campaign Strategy


Understanding Digital Capabilities

To develop the right solutions, we reviewed Safety Xpress’s operating model, competitors and digital capabilities.We spent some time initially to understand their business better. Though it was a niche industry targeting very specific groups, there was still a huge competition.
Campaign Strategy


Customer-Centric Website

We then redesigned the whole website for better functionality and e-commerce conversion rates. We created a website that was simple and stark and ensured the information flow was smart – so the visitors are able to find the products easily.
Campaign Strategy


Powerful SEO & Paid Campaigns

Our SEO experts optimised the new website for on-page and off-page. Once we created high-converting landing pages with relevant and unique content, we started targeting leads through various channels like organic, direct, email, paid, blog and social. Our paid campaigns got them an immediate spike in sales. This included an elaborate Google Shopping campaign and Google Adwords, administered alongside a strong SEO campaign.
The Results
Google Position
Top 3 Google positions for targeted keywords
Interstate enquiry
Online transactions increased by 1400%
Search Term
700% increase in organic traffic
Average Time
265% increase in impressions

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