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Polito is a Melbourne-based manufacturer and supplier of premium quality wood fired pizza ovens. The company came to us in 2018 looking to strengthen its digital marketing capabilities, improve its online visibility and ultimately generate more sales leads. At the time, Polito was working with an outdated website with little in the way of SEO functionality and no ecommerce presence.

One of the primary challenges facing the company was how to use their online presence to drive sales. While Polito’s products are premium quality, they are also niche products that are heavy, bulky and command a high price point. So the challenge for us became how to structure and optimise their online presence to drive sales for a product range that traditionally didn’t lend itself to ecommerce.

After carrying out detailed audience and competitor research, we designed and built a new showcase website and an ecommerce site. We then implemented an industry-leading SEO strategy and worked to leverage their brand visibility and community engagement through an ongoing social media marketing strategy.

The results (so far) speak for themselves. Since we started working with Polito, inbound sales leads have increased by more than 500% and website traffic has almost tripled. We’ve seen steady growth in a range of key metrics, including website traffic, impressions and site clicks, as well as steady top-three search rankings for primary keyword phrases.

Find out what we did (and are still doing) for Polito and how we can do it for your business.

About Polito Wood Fire Ovens

Polito is an Australian-owned family business that designs, manufactures, supplies and installs wood fired pizza ovens and accessories. Antonio Polito founded the company in 1988 after arriving in Australia from Paravati in Southern Italy. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of premium wood fired pizza ovens in Australia. They supply a range of wood fired and gas ovens including ready-made ovens, mini gas ovens, portable pizza ovens and can even design, manufacture and install commercial pizza ovens. However, Polito is about more than just supplying ovens. They have built a brand identity focused on lifestyle, family and the love of traditional Southern Italian cooking. Polito is also a distributor of the Jamie Oliver range of pizza ovens and Polito ovens have been featured in the Channel 7 reality show House Rules.

House rules 7


When Polito came to us in mid-2018, their key challenge was generating sales leads through an outdated website. Polito’s products are high-end and expensive. They are not spontaneous purchases nor are they the kind of products that are commonly bought online. Our task was to create a digital strategy that optimised their online presence, increased traffic and strengthened the brand.

There were a few issues contributing to the company’s digital challenges. One of those was an outdated website that didn’t do justice to Polito’s high-quality, high-value products. Built on a pre-coded platform, the old website was difficult to navigate, lacked quality imagery and SEO functionality, didn’t present information logically, wasn’t mobile responsive, and, most importantly, wasn’t structured to generate sales leads.

Another issue was a lack of online visibility. While the old website was generating some traffic, it wasn’t performing as well as it could have. There was also plenty of room to improve search rankings for the main keywords.

The other main issue stifling sales leads was the lack of an ecommerce platform and a general uncertainty regarding the viability of ecommerce for expensive niche products like wood fired ovens.


Custom web design

Custom Web Design
Ecommerce web design

Ecommerce Web Design
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

The Solution

Showcase Website & Ecommerce

The first step was designing and building a custom showcase website that was responsive across all devices. The focus of the site was to showcase Polito’s products, provide comprehensive product information that’s easy to navigate, enhance Polito’s lifestyle and family brand image, and promote Polito as an authoritative and trustworthy industry leader.

polito Old site
polito new site

We also designed and built a new Polito ecommerce website.

The two sites are designed to work together to increase conversions and turn passive visitors into interested sales leads. The fully optimised and highly visible showcase site draws in traffic and generates interest while the ecommerce site creates a conversion funnel to generate leads.

While increasing online sales is an important part of our strategy, we also wanted the ecommerce site to act as a search engine optimised repository of detailed product information for shoppers researching these ovens online. By providing large, high-resolution product imagery and detailed product information we aimed to increase time spent on the site, bolster shopper trust and promote the Polito brand as high-quality, authoritative and distinctly Australian (while retaining the Italian cultural heritage).

Infographics polito laptop rotate

polito tablet and mobile image

Customer-Centric Website

We redesigned and built a new showcase website and ecommerce site with a focus on highlighting the quality of the products, providing detailed product information and increasing online traffic and sales leads. We updated the look and feel of the website to bring it in line with Polito’s family and outdoor lifestyle brand image.

We were careful to include plenty of large, high-quality product images as well as extensive product information including full dimensions, temperature ranges, heating times, assembly requirements, delivery options, available accessories and more. Our aim was to create a website that provided comprehensive product information for anyone researching wood fired pizza ovens.

We continually monitor and update the website with new products, images, copy and promotions to ensure the site remains fresh and up to date. We also use a range of website elements, including headers and footers, to showcase a range of products in different ways.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

With the Polito showcase and ecommerce websites designed and built, we implemented an industry leading search engine optimisation campaign. We carried out extensive demographic and competitor research to create a targeted campaign designed to increase digital visibility among high-value, purchase-ready users.

Using onsite and offsite SEO tactics, we were able to increase website traffic by almost 300% over the year through May 2020.

Audience Overview
Google analytics

Comparing the first year working with Polito with the second year (see the above numbers from Google Search Console), we’ve increased total clicks by more than 400% and impressions by nearly 300%.

Refering Domains
Referring Pages Graph

Through our SEO campaign, we’ve steadily grown the back link profile for Polito, significantly increasing acquired links and domains. We have also achieved stable Google rankings for Polito’s main keywords. Many of the keywords are consistently ranking in the top-three positions on Google SERPs, beating out a range of competitors, as well as big-box retailers like Bunnings.

And the result of our ongoing SEO campaign? A 500% increase in inbound leads!

Since starting work with Polito in mid-2018, we have implemented a fully customised, industry-leading SEO strategy and have dramatically increased the client’s search visibility and website traffic. Over a 12-month period, we increased impressions by nearly 270% and website traffic by almost 300%. We continually monitor website performance and update SEO and site appearance to ensure that visibility and performance continue to grow.

But we know that increasing visibility and traffic isn’t enough. Because of our thorough user and competitor analysis, we not only increase the volume of traffic, but also the quality of traffic. By carefully targeting the right search terms, we were able to attract more purchase-intent customers, rather than passive visitors. And this has been clearly visible in the massive increase in inbound sales leads.

Social Media Marketing

Polito’s premium products and lifestyle and family-friendly branding made the company ideal for social media marketing. To further the brand image, build community and generate sales leads, we implemented a social media marketing strategy designed to complement our SEO strategy.

Focused on Facebook and Instagram, we ran community outreach campaigns designed to drive online engagement with the brand. Besides running social media sales and promotions, we have also encouraged followers to share pictures and stories of their Polito ovens, outdoor cooking areas, DIY oven builds and wood fired food they’ve cooked.

Through these campaigns, we have also been able to grow Polito’s online community, increase active engagement and even encourage user-generated content from Polito followers and customers. The campaign has also been valuable for generating sales leads and promoting and selling slow-moving products.

Through a strategic use of social media, we were also able to leverage the brand’s appearance on Channel 7’s House Rules, turning the increased social media activity into increased website traffic, phone and online inquiries and sales leads.

Understanding Digital Capabilities

To develop the right solutions, we reviewed Polito’s operating model, digital assets, customer base and competitors. We found a company with a premium product, a compelling story and powerful brand, but without the marketing capabilities or digital functionality to capitalise. By redesigning and optimising Polito’s online presence and visibility and strategically deploying social media, we were able to provide Polito with the tools it needed to start actively engaging online with its customer base and converting website visitors to real sales leads.

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Polito is an Australian-owned family business that designs, manufactures, supplies and installs wood fired pizza ovens and accessories


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