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Growth in online sales for May 2019


Increase in online orders


Increase in number of products ordered

10x ROI

On social media advertising

About Kapai Puku

Kapai Puku is an Australian owned health food product and dietary supplement. It’s a blend of raw ingredients and wholegrains including chia seeds, linseeds and sesame seeds. Kapai Puku promotes digestive balance and supports gut health. It’s high in fibre and protein and is made from 100% natural ingredients with no added salt, dairy, nuts or preservatives. It’s also gluten-free, wheat-free, GM-free and suitable for vegans. Kapai Puku products are available through the brand’s website, as well as Coles supermarkets, good fruit and vegetables stores, grocery shops, most Go Vita Stores, and selected health food stores.

About Kapai Puku
The Challenge
The Challenge

The key challenge facing Kapai Puku was increasing their online sales. While the company maintains a good database of subscribers and has a great social media following, they were looking for ways to grow their online customer base and convert passive subscribers to loyal customers.
The other main challenge facing the company was an outdated website and online sales funnel. The old website was difficult to navigate, didn’t present information logically, used two different systems for page information and ecommerce, wasn’t mobile responsive, and didn’t integrate with accounting systems or social media.
By creating a new ecommerce website and using different methods of online marketing, we aimed to increase online sales, as well as basket size and online conversions.

What We Did
  • Website design
  • Ecommerce
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • AdWords campaign

The new website, in conjunction with our digital marketing strategy, led to a conversion rate of almost 5% and an increase in online sales of over 300%.

What We Did

Kapai Puku

The new website looks great and is generating much more traffic. But the real win was the email and social media marketing campaigns, with huge increases in online sales since we started running the campaigns.

The Solution

The first step was designing and building a new website to improve the ecommerce experience, enable better online marketing, enhance brand image and increase sales.
While Kapai Puku had built a fantastic social media following and subscriber list, they had not been able to capitalise on it. By targeting this database and implementing an EDM campaign, we were able to directly generate over $8,000 in revenue, representing massive growth on their average monthly revenue.
Through the website rebuild and our online marketing strategy, we were able to generate a conversion rate of over 4.8%. Through the first full month of running the campaigns on the new website, online sales grew by 163% compared with the same time last year, while the number of orders increased by over 300%.

Campaign Strategy


Understanding Digital Capabilities

To develop the right solutions, we reviewed Kapai Puku’s operating model, digital assets, customer base and competitors. We found a brand with a unique product and very strong social media following, but without marketing capabilities or ecommerce functionality to capitalise on it. By improving its online presence and implementing an expert online marketing strategy, we were able to provide Kapai Puku with the tools it needed to start generating sustainable online revenue.
Campaign Strategy


Customer-Centric Website

We redesigned and built a new custom-coded website with a focus on improving the ecommerce experience, enabling better online marketing and increasing sales and conversions. We updated the look and feel of the website to bring it in line with Kapai Puku’s healthy lifestyle brand image.
We built the new website on a single system that manages page information and ecommerce, making it easier to upload and manage products, orders and shipments. The new site was also made to integrate with accounting software and social media and was mobile responsive. We also made sure to include plenty of online marketing features.
The new website, in conjunction with our digital marketing strategy, led to a conversion rate of almost 5% and an increase in online sales of over 300%.
Campaign Strategy


Email and social marketing

We implemented a targeted EDM campaign using Kapai Puku’s substantial subscriber list and social following. Our digital marketing strategy showed immediate results with a 163% year-on-year increase in revenue over the first month of the campaign. Our EDM campaign alone directly generated over $8,000 in revenue over the first month. We were also able to generate a 10-fold ROI on social media marketing.
The Results
Google Position
Revenue for May 2019 increased by 163% compared with the same period the previous year
Interstate enquiry
Generated $8,000 from email marketing during the first month of the campaign
Search Term
Generated over $2,000 in sales on one day (representing close to a month’s revenue prior to working with us)
Average Time
Increased online orders by over 300% year-on-year for May 2019
Average Time
Generated a 10-fold ROI for social media marketing

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