Why Your Business Needs SEO?

Why your business needs search engine optimization (SEO)?

This is a common question for any business owner who is new to the world of digital marketing. Search engine optimization has been developed as a fundamental marketing strategy since last decade. It grows in its fullness by the year 2007 when the recession strikes the jaws all over the world and the people were looking for a more affordable approach to develop their business.

SEO plays a vital role in improving a website’s rankings in the search engine, which edges to give you more number of visitors. Business organizations come to know about the proficiency and usefulness of SEO as they realize the value of ranking.

In order to achieve the desired page rank for relevant search, companies outsource the online as well as an offline optimization to be done by the skilful SEO marketer.

A cut-throat competition to achieve a higher rank in search engine makes SEO more in-demand nowadays.

The utility of SEO:

  1. Improved rankings.
  2. Get noticed by more than one search engine.
  3. Improves the relativity of customers that visit the site.

What eMarket Experts do?

We define your objectives to plan your ways to success.

  1. Research your target market and organizations.
  2. Identify your online contestants.
  3. Research the top search phrases used by target audiences.
  4. Optimize the whole website. I.e. content, code (if required), links keywords navigation.
  5. Checks the approach of using the site by visitors.
  6. Applies the best strategy based on search engine algorithms.

Facts about SEO that you can’t avoid: 

  • More than 100 billion searches are conducted every month.
  • According to a survey held in 2014, Google ranked top among all the search engines and still maintaining the position with the 69.73% of all traffic.
  • 53% of the non-PPC (pay per click) clicks go to the first link of the first page.
  • 70% of the internet users get their local business in 12 months.
  • 59% users use Google to find a trustworthy local business.
  • 69% of the users prefer online reviews rather than going for a personal recommendation.
  • 93% of the internet users begin their search with a search engine.
  • About 80% of the internet users avoid paid ads and prefer first searched result.
  • 46% of the mobile app user uses the same website on the web if they have trouble accessing the desired website in mobile.
  • 75% of the users do not prefer to go to the second page.

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