What is Google Penguin Update?

Google penguin is defined as the algorithm, first introduced in April 2012. This update lowers the ranking of sites which disobey the Google’s webmaster guidelines. For instance, many people use black hat technique to increase the ranking which is prohibited by penguin update. Google penalize the websites using black hat technique to attain high rankings. The aim is to hook up the extreme overlapping.

What Google Penguin targets?

Manipulative link building techniques are targeted. These techniques involve buying links, building thin sites, trading links, common links etc. If a problematic link is detected then the owner should inspect it immediately and should remove the low-quality links. The owner should keep the following things in mind while building links:-

  1. The website should be of high quality.
  2. The site is appropriate for your content.
  3. Is the site’s profile looks overlapped?

How Google penguin varies from Google panda and hummingbird?

Google Panda algorithm concentrates on penalizing the sites containing low and thin quality content. Google Penguin focus on penalizing the sites which boost up the low-quality link building through manipulative SEO tactics. On the other side, the Hummingbird makes sure that the query or sentence entered should be meaningful.

How to avoid Google Penguin Penalty?

  • Make an appropriate analysis of your traffic and important keyword which seems to be sudden dropping. You can do it by using Google webmaster tools or any rank tracking software.
  • Check your anchor text diversity. The anchor text diversity is the ratio of “brand name and non-money” anchor text to “money” keyword anchor text links to your domain. Here “money” keyword means the words which you want to get on the higher ranking which is the exact opposite to more natural looking anchor text like “click here”, “here”, your brand name. Remove’em is the best starter tool for a quick referral inspection.
  • Check for sitewide link ratio. It is very important to check and differentiate domain links from total backlinks. You can get detailed report accomplished by backlink analysis such as Majestic SEO.
  • One more option is to check domain authority. Moz domain authority checks the random ranking strength and Majestic’s trust is the weighted number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites of a domain.
  • Check your link breakdown status. Link detox can be suggested for detailing and analysis of your backlink profile
  • Always remember that penguin is a site wide and not a page wise penalty. So avoid those spammed backlinks.
  • Reduce your anchor text ratio by creating good quality links to get the higher rankings. Always be ethical.

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