What Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy And Is It Working For You?

Do you have a digital marketing strategy and is it working for you? Many businesses today think they are doing digital marketing, but actually, they are not.

There is an enormous amount of competition out there in the real world, be it offline or online. Irrespective of which industry you are in, if you want to match up to your competitors, you need to have a digital marketing strategy which works for you. You need to stand against your competition in terms of content, engagement and reach.

Here are 3 elements directly or indirectly related to your digital marketing strategy. Check your website and social media channels for these elements and you will know if your marketing strategy is in place or not. Take a look:

Are You Telling A Brand Story?

Every brand has its story and it reflects in every communication like the website, social media, or even the company’s internal documents. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a brand story?
  • How effectively are you telling this story?
  • Is your brand story driven by a personality?
  • Is your story simple to understand?
  • Does your brand story have a three-part model: Problem, Solution, and Success?
  • Does your story connect with your customers?
  • Is your brand story good enough that others would like to talk about it?

Are Your Landing Pages Effective?

According to Kissmetrics, a landing page that converts has the following elements:

C= Clear Call to Action

O= Offer

N= Narrow Focus

V= VIA: Very Important Attributes

E= Effective Headline

R= Resolution-Savvy Layout

T= Tidy Visuals

S= Social Proof

Ask these questions about your landing pages if you want them to convert into leads:

  • Do you offer a clear Call-to-Action?
  • Do you use enough visual cues to draw people’s attention towards the CTA button?
  • Are you offering anything in exchange for your visitors for getting them to do what you want?
  • Have you clearly mentioned the features of your product or service?
  • Is it mentioned how you can help the visitor?
  • Does your offering help the visitor solve a problem?

Is Your Website Technically Sound?

Probably, you will not check for the technical things yourself but ask someone to do it. These technical aspects are really important for your marketing to work effectively:

  • Does your website load slow or fast? What is your website speed?
  • Are your sitemaps workings and submitted?
  • Does your URL follow the best practice?
  • Are your content and keywords in place. Are they optimised for humans and not search engines?
  • Are your meta, header and image tags optimised for SEO?
  • Is your website mobile-optimised?

Final Words

Come up with a digital marketing strategy which is sharp and strong enough to beat the competition. If you need any assistance with competitor analysis or website audit or even aligning your business marketing strategy, you can reach out to us.

We’ll audit your website versus your competitors’ for free and take steps to place you one step ahead of everyone else.