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Report Features

Full platform analysis

Desktop and mobile site performance

Site traffic analysis

Page speed

Domain authority

Analysis of SEO errors

Keyword analysis

Backlink and internal link analysis

Desktop and mobile site errors

Social media data

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What a Site Audit Can Do For Your Business

1. Improve your online visibility

Identify flaws and errors in your technical SEO quickly and without time-consuming manual auditing. Fixing these can help increase search rankings, grow your organic traffic and improve the quality of your website traffic.

Improve your online visibility

2. Enhance your digital presence

With a site audit report, you can explore areas where your website is underperforming and identify opportunities to increase rankings and improve traffic. You’ll gain a better understanding or how to implement SEO and UX best practices to improve visibility, user experience and drive conversions.

Enhance your digital presence

3. Increase conversions

A comprehensive site audit will help to uncover roadblocks in your site’s conversion funnel. Whether it’s bounce rate, load time or content problems, we can help to identify and remove the obstacles and dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Increase conversions

4. Full digital marketing strategy

Our team of SEO experts can walk you through your free SEO audit report, identify opportunities for improvement and analyse current performance. We can move beyond the audit to take a deep dive into your site analytics, customer demographics, competitor performance and more. Based on this we can create a custom digital marketing strategy that will improve your online visibility and website performance, increase traffic and grow your business.

Full digital marketing strategy

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