Smith & Thomas

Smith & Thomas

Smith & Thomas are one of the finest custom furniture makers in Melbourne. We met them when they were just starting out from their garage. These excellent furniture makers had great workmanship but no online presence. Their website traffic was flat.We came onboard and managed to rank them on the first page within 90 days. They got an 800% increase in organic traffic. They started ranking on the first page for all their major keywords like custom furniture, hand-made furniture and timber furniture.


Custom furniture is quite popular in Australia. But, one needs to be found online. People like to browse through the catalogue before they place a final order.

We set ourselves on a task to help Smith & Thomas reach out to more people and potential customers. We set up a powerful SEO campaign for their website which targeted people looking for such talented furniture makers.

Within the first 90 days, we managed to get them on the first page of Google for all their major keywords. So much so that, their traffic grew by more than 800% and unique website visitors by more than 80%.

Solution: What We Did?

We conducted a thorough SEO audit and competitor analysis for Smith & Thomas and started focusing on their main services. We optimised their website with well-researched keywords that attract customers with buying intent. We implemented the best on-page and off-page strategies to attract focused groups of people. As we populated the market with their brand name, more people started recognising them and more sales started coming through online channels.

Smith & Thomas


First Page Rankings Within 90 Days; 800% Increase In Organic Traffic

  1. Smith & Thomas saw a huge spike in their organic traffic with more than 800% growth.
  2. They started ranking on the first page for their most competitive keywords- that too within 90 days.
  3. They saw a tremendous increase in brand awareness and recall value for their business name.
  4. Organic increase in contextual links from highly relevant sites.
Smith & Thomas
Smith & Thomas



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