Outdoor Instant Shelters

Outdoor Instant Shelters

Outdoor Instant Shelters offers high-quality portable pop up marquees and gazebos for any event or occasion in Melbourne. They have been in business for over 15 years. But, like many other businesses – they also struggled with growing competition and changing online trends. After hiring us as their digital marketing partner, they have seen a tremendous in traffic and enquiries – with all targeted keywords ranking on the first page of Google.


Outdoor Instant Shelters wanted to improve their rankings as well as revenue from their website. They trusted us with the responsibility to transform their online presence- and we delivered above and beyond.

We handled their SEO campaign, managed their Google AdWords campaign, and even redesigned their website for more conversions. What followed next wasn’t a surprise. They started ranking on the first page of Google for all their main keywords within 90 days of hiring us. Their phones wouldn’t stop ringing as their online enquiries skyrocketed. And of course, their revenue doubled with a 3X increase in organic (quality) traffic.

Solution: What We Did?

We set ourselves on a task to offer Outdoor Instant Shelters an unrivalled competitive advantage with our smart SEO, AdWords, Website Redesign services. We conducted a thorough SEO audit and competitor analysis for them. We also created a compelling website design which will keep the visitors interested in browsing further. The new website design was both beautiful and functional. We ensured their new website is responsive, fast, and secured. We designed high-converting and data-driven landing pages for Google AdWords with better sales copy, CTAs, and other trust signals.

Outdoor Instant Shelters


All Main Keywords On Page 1 Within 90 Days; Revenue Doubled

  1. Outdoors Instant Shelters saw a huge spike in their online presence with 3X increase organic traffic.
  2. All major keywords started ranking on the first page of Google within 90 days.
  3. They got flooded with phone calls and enquiries with revenue doubled.
  4. 82% increase in unique website visitors.
  5. We managed to increase the brand awareness and recall value for their business by building quality backlinks throughout the web.
Outdoor Instant Shelters
Outdoor Instant Shelters



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