Garden Shed

Garden Shed

Garden Shed is one of the biggest suppliers of high-quality and easy to set up garden sheds. They are so confident in their product quality that they offer a lifetime warranty. But, just that wasn’t enough for potential customers to find them online. Garden Shed was struggling to be found online for their branded and non-branded keywords. Enter eMarket Experts. We came onboard and within 90 days they started ranking on FIRST POSITION (not just first page) for their most competitive keywords.


SEO for e-commerce stores is a different game. Rankings are not enough. The key metric is revenue. That is exactly what we focused on. As soon as we came on board, we set ourselves on a task to offer them an unrivalled competitive advantage with our smart SEO services.

With our expertise and successful track record with e-commerce businesses - we managed to increase the monthly revenue for Garden Shed by 3 times. Yes, a 3X increase in monthly revenue and 7000% increase in organic traffic. Sounds crazy, but it’s all true.

Solution: What We Did?

We conducted a thorough SEO audit and competitor analysis for Garden Shed and started focusing on their branded keywords. We optimised their website with well-researched keywords that attract customers with buying intent. The best SEO practices with proven data and sure-shot results were implemented by us. Site architecture was improved and powerful links were created to point directly to product and category pages.

Garden Shed


First Position Within 90 Days; 3X Increase In Revenue; 7000% In Organic Traffic

  1. Garden Shed saw a huge spike in their organic traffic with more than 7000% growth.
  2. Started ranking on FIRST POSITION (not just first page) for their most competitive keyword- that too within 90 days.
  3. Revenue skyrocketed with a 3X increase in monthly revenue.
  4. The tremendous increase in brand awareness and recall value for their business.
  5. Organic increase in contextual links from highly relevant websites.
Garden Shed
Garden Shed



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