Bright N Shine

Bright N Shine

Bright N Shine offers cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients in Melbourne. With our smart SEO and AdWords campaign, they managed to grow their online presence and outperform their competitors within just a few months.


Melbourne’s cleaning industry is highly competitive with a huge number of cleaning companies operating in this market. Bright N Shine was growing their business through word of mouth but had no consistent way to generate continuous leads. They invested their time and money in a few other SEO agencies but got only disappointment and no results.

They finally approached us to improve their online search visibility and conversions through the website. They wanted to find a way to generate consistent sales by investing in a sustainable and proven marketing technique.

As soon as we came on board, we set ourselves on a task to offer them an unrivalled competitive advantage with our smart SEO and AdWords services.

Solution: What We Did?

We conducted a thorough SEO audit and competitor analysis for Bright N Shine. We then optimised their website with well-researched keywords that attract customers with buying intent. We also designed high-converting and user-friendly landing pages with better sales copy, CTAs, and other trust signals. Finally, we structured and managed their AdWords campaign for not just clicks, but for maximum conversions.

Bright N Shine


Boosted Conversions With Our Targeted SEO & AdWords Campaigns

  1. Got them on the first page for their most competitive keyword “end of lease cleaning Melbourne” within 90 days.
  2. Huge improvement in rankings for their other service keywords as well.
  3. Gave them a return on their investment in the first quarter of signing up with us.
  4. Increase in quality website traffic and leads with buying intent.
  5. Increase in conversions with leads tracked back to online campaigns.
  6. A substantial increase in online presence and recall value of their business name.
Bright N Shine
Bright N Shine



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