Bluey’s Boat House

Bluey's Boat House

Bluey's Boat House offers boats for hire in and around Melbourne. They have one of the largest fleet of hire boats in Victoria. With our smart and effective SEO & CRO campaigns, they could rank on the first page of Google for their most competitive keyword – “boat hire Melbourne” within 90 days of signing up.


Boat hire is a niche industry with a very targeted market but with a lot of competition. Most of the boat hire businesses could convert customers through online channels. Bluey's Boat Hire was struggling to get conversions from their digital marketing campaigns. They wanted to convert their visitors into paying customers. They even invested their time and money in a few different SEO agencies but got only disappointment and no results.

They finally approached us to improve their conversions and to get a better return on their investment. Within 90 days of onboarding, we managed to rank them on the first page for the majority of their keywords. Not just that, with our specific CRO techniques – they saw an increase of 102% in conversions from their website.

Bluey's Boat House got an unrivalled competitive advantage with our smart SEO and CRO services.

Solution: What We Did?

We first conducted a thorough SEO audit and competitor analysis for Bluey's Boat Hire. Then we optimised their website with well-researched keywords that attract customers with boat hiring intent. We also placed smart and specific CTAs throughout the website for maximum attention. We also designed high-converting and user-friendly landing pages with better sales copy, CTAs, and other trust signals.

Bluey’s Boat House


More Than 100% Conversions With Our SEO & CRO Campaigns

  1. Bluey's Boat Hire saw a spike in their conversion rate with more than 100% conversion coming only through their website.
  2. Ranked on page one of Google for their most competitive keyword – “boat hire Melbourne” within 90 days.
  3. Most of the keywords also ranked on the first page of Google.
  4. Website traffic grew by 4 times, with quality and warm leads coming through the website.
  5. A substantial increase in online presence and recall value of their business name.
Bluey’s Boat House
Bluey’s Boat House



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