APT Design

APT Design

APT Design is a design and drafting company with expertise in architectural plans, town planning, and project management. When they approached us, they had a very outdated-looking website which wasn’t adding any value to their portfolio.We conceptualised and designed a brand-new website for APT Design which was not only stunning but also mobile-friendly with a great user experience.


Design and drafting companies usually use their websites as their portfolio – to showcase their best work and successful projects. Even referral customers check websites before signing up. APT Design wasn’t making a great impression on potential customers with their outdated website. They wanted to transform their existing website with a fresh look and feel.

We set ourselves on a task to redesign their website and transform the user experience for their website visitors. We offered them an all-in-one solution with our web designing services. We built a website for them which was mobile-friendly, beautiful, fast, and secured.

Solution: What We Did?

We sat down with APT Design to understand their needs, target audience, objectives & messaging. We also understood and considered their branding and style preferences. We understand how critical those first few seconds are when a visitor land on a website. So, we created a compelling design which will keep the visitors interested in browsing further. This new website was optimised for various browsers and platforms. So, visitors will get the same experience whether they are browsing through their mobile or desktop. We incorporated the best practices to design a website which doesn’t get outdated soon and still has scope for changes. Not just design- our designers and developers also focused on the functionality of the website and determined the chokepoints of the existing website. We strategically placed the CTA buttons and contact forms for maximum conversions.

APT Design


Created A Modern, Stunning & Responsive Website With A Smooth User-Experience

  1. APT Design saw a significant increase in visitor engagement with a brand new website design.
  2. Increase in quality leads with buying intent.
  3. A significant drop in bounce rate as website visitors started spending more time browsing their website.
  4. A huge spike in returning website visitors – taking further steps to close a deal.
APT Design
APT Design



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